Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Effort But Not So Good Effect

(The writer is IIMC alumnus and Senior Associate Producer in CNBC-Awaaz)
Most of you know must know about the details of Jessica Lal case, but perhaps none of you would know about what happened behind the scene. The film ‘No One Killed Jessica’ is an attempt to make you aware about not only the case, but also about the loopholes in the system, which can be misused by mighty people to be benefited. NOKJ tries to tell you how power makes you mindless, money makes you senseless and fear make you worthless. The country in which we live in is full of ironies. Here you can see the dual faces of persons simultaneously and in the movie, you find many a reflections of those faces. On the one hand NOKJ reveals the crude reality of our era, where you are only concerned about your own self, but on the other hand depicts the trend which shows the power of powerless, the outcry of voiceless and the might of helpless people when united for a cause. 

NOKJ : Script contains some pitfalls
The story of NOKJ is simple and in a one line I can tell you that. Jessica Lal is murdered, her sister tries very hard and doesn't get justice in first hand, the media come forward and help her to fulfil the promise to her slain sister. I must praise director Rajkumar Gupta and producer UTV for making this film happen because on such a subject making a film is a big risk. There are chances that either you end up to make a documentary on a particular case or if you are trying your hands in feature film, there is more drama and less reality. So if you see the film like NOKJ you find a fine balance between documentation and dramatization. Rajkumar Gupta has shown his caliber in his first film “Aamir” and so there was no doubt about being the film watchable. But you wish more from Gupta as he is not a candyfloss film maker. And in a serious subject like Jessica murder, which was not only a case but proved to be a sort of revolution which ignited the minds of the whole nation, the things become a bit more sensitive. And here I found Gupta floundering at many places in the movie. 

Rani Mukherji "irritates" in the role of TV journo
The script contains some pitfalls which could have been easily avoided and the film would have added more authenticity to it. During first half you stick to the films but after interval you feel the pace of the film gone. The film makes you feel angry, sad, bitter, frustrated and it is ok but when you feel to laugh in the movie in some scenes, it defeats the purpose of making such a film. According to me there was no need to use any comical scene in the movie as it breaks the tandem. Casting of the film could have been much better as except Vidya Balan and Rajesh Sharma (the police inspector), no one is able to imprint the mark on your mind. Vidya has been consistent and exemplary in the movie and she alone has given the soul to the movie with her body language, silent expression and acute dialogue delivery. Rani in her Meera Gaity avatar irritates you more than impress you. In the whole film she shouts, abuses, overdo each and every thing and you feel the need for a break. In the role of a uselessly cuss word spewing star news anchor of a TV channel, Rani never looks convincing. Myra as Jessica had nothing much to do and whatever she was given, she did it beautifully. Her freshness can bag her few roles in the industry, I believe. Rajesh Sharma as the corrupt but helpful police inspector did good work and certainly we will see him in more films to come.

Vidya Balan toches the heart of viewers
Media portrayal in the film is too loud, extreme and unreal and here Rajkumar disappoints me as you find the super woman star anchor Meera quite annoying and rest of the media guys in the film just victims of her tantrums. In the second half, you find duplicates of Abdul Kalam, Manmohan Singh and Sheila Dixit and suddenly it brings the film to a low level. There was no need to do this. So far music is concerned, Amit Trivedi once again steals your heart with his spunky, apt and different scores. I must say the film is not as bad as not to watch for but not as good as expected. My take...go for it so that you don't miss Vidya's memorable act and Amit's excellent background music.

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