Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Intricacy of Relationships : Dhobi Ghat

(The Writer is IIMC alumnus and Senior Associate Producer in CNBC-Awaaz)
These days many film makers are coming forward to produce films with difference, either based on real incidents or showing the intricacies of relationships which they present in innovative style. Kiran Rao's directorial debut Dhobi Ghat is one of those beautiful made films which you can watch more than once. The film presents the layers of relationships through four different protagonists from different backgrounds but the connecting factor amongst them is our very own maximum city Mumbai. Kiran wanted to project the film as the tales of Mumbai and hence she called the movie Mumbai Diaries but according to me the tales of the Dhobi Ghat can be set up in any metro. (one of my closest friends is of the opinion that the film can be set in any small city as well though I differ with him). The beauty of the film lies in the fact that none of the characters in the film bores you and you want to know what next or what now throughout the film. Though the film is not very long but there was no need to stretch it either as the film achieves its purpose clearly.

Kiran Rao presented the tales of Mumbai

Dhobi Ghat is a landmark in the Mumbai city but the name doesn't tell you much about the film. Rather, if the film's name would be anything else, it won't matter. Film revolves around four characters Yasmin, Arun, Sai and Munna, three of whom come across each other to form complicated, intense, sensitive and tender relationships. All of them are from different background, different social status and different areas of the country but choose Mumbai for their respective dreams. Their desires play very important roles in their lives and the interpretation of relationships. The film presents a self claimed loner who doesn't want to go into any serious relationship and is happy changing homes at the interval of every eleven months, hailed from a small town youth washerman whose dream is to become an actor, an investment banker from New York who comes to Mumbai on a sabbatical and in search of the 'fresh air' and last but not the least a newly wed woman from a small town who seek happiness in every aspect of life in a city like Mumbai.
In the movie through Yasmin's hand held video camera and her voice over you know the story of her life, her idea of happiness, her rendition of biography of Mumbai and what she get in the end. She is the character which gives you smiles, touches your heart by her sensitivities and connects with you in every scene where her impression is present. Her story through video tapes acts as a subject for Arun for his new painting and during this period, he tries to live his life through Yasmin's small treasure. Sai likes Arun but he is not ready to move into the relationship and it creates stress between both of them till the end. And finally Munna finds his mentor in Sai, befriends her, starts liking her and in the end reality strikes him to act mature. The climax of the movie compels you not only to think but to see around yourself and you admit the existence of those characters in your know.
Character of Yasmin tells the idea of happiness
The acting of all the new actors are good, they are quite natural and the truth is that Amir looks a little non-convincing before other three actors. Praeik as Munna shows his mettle, Monica Dogra as Sai presents herself with at ease and Kriti Malhotra as Yasmin spellbinds you. Background score by Gustavo Santaolalla never let you feel the absence of songs in the movie. Excellent camera work by Tushar Kanti Ray mesmerizes you and it becomes more important when you know that all the main characters in the film are related with art somewhere. An aspiring actor, a painter, a professional photographer and an amateur videographer characters demand a very skillful camera work which not only can catch but also let the viewers feel the beauty of the art depicted in the movie. Kiran Rao's strong scripting and direction make Dhobi Ghat a movie to watch for. In the last I would like to add that Kiran has portrayed her idea of complexity of relationships aptly through Dhobi Ghat. Simply go for it for having a nice and serious experiences.
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