Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Lesson For India From Bihar

(Writer is IIMC alumnus and presently working in TV Today Group ( Headlines Today)
His nickname is Munna, he is an engineering graduate and a teetotaller and today the 59-year-old Nitish Kumar is Bihar's man of the moment. But how he did the magic! Let's decipher..!
Bihar has shown the way, Development can fetch you votes as well.

It is high time leaders doing identity/ religion based (RJD, BJP) politics should re-think & re-invent their ideology.

Time to party for Nitish
Nitish Kumar successfully eroded the basis of the RJD’s electoral advantage by, first, winning over a section of the Muslims and, secondly, by retaining the support of the upper castes as well via the BJP. It was clever tactics where the BJP was made to act strictly in accordance with the script written by Nitish Kumar by excluding the minority-baiters and also keeping the upper castes on board.

3 cards, which worked for Nitish were Women empowerment, MBC & good law and order.

There is definitely dent in Lalu’s Muslim-Yadav equation. Nitish lured Muslim at least towards JD(U) candidate & softened their stand towards the whole NDA.

Lalu Yadav lost his base
Nitish Kumar made it abundantly clear that he has nothing to do with its pro-Hindu agenda. Nitish Kumar ensured that Bihar remained riot-free throughout the last five years. And Bhagalpur riot convictions was a feather in his cap.

Lalu-Paswan failed to see writing on the wall. They failed to see Muslim voters have evolved since Ayodhya. They know what is good for them.

How are you Rahul Baba?
It was election based on Imaginary vs. Real issues. On the one hand Nitish was ready with his implementation card at the same time RJD & INC were scaring minorities with Gujarat (Modi) ghost. Issues in Gujarat found no taker in Bihar.

Congress\ Rahul Gandhi's claim that Nitish misused funds sent for Bihar hurt the Bihari sensibilities. Nitish's rebuttal found takers as he said it's not Centre's\Congress's money.

Nitish evoked Bihari pride\ sub-nationalism in place of Lalu's parochial rant for Backward Caste & for M-Y.

No taker for Dynasty politics….Rabri, Sadhu, Subhash all out.

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