Sunday, November 14, 2010

Connect with The Social Network

(Writer is IIMC alumnus and Senior Associate Producer in CNBC-Awaaz.)
It may seem cliche to say that had Facebook been a country, it would have been the third largest populated one in the world but for the largest social networking site, I could not find a better phrase to describe it as of now. But here I am not going to talk about the site, but the film based on it The Social Network. The film depicts the journey of Facebook from its inception to grow into the envious 500 million users' and valued about 15 billion dollars. The film is engaging enough not to divert your attention either to popcorn or to pepsi in your hands in theatre. You can't risk seeing even your friend sitting besides you if you want to enjoy the film. The story is simple that how Marc Zuckerberg conceptualised Facebook in a dorm room in Harvard University while studying undergraduate course, but this very fact was the challenge to make a film entertaining enough to catch the attention of viewers.

' Connect ' soon with The Social Network in theatres
The Social Network is adaptation of the book 'The Accidental Billionaires' by Ben Mezrich and the movie itself is a good example of a boring subject turning into a good to watch film. Directed by David Fincher, the movie's narrative is the thing which keep you engrossed throughout the two hours running time. Generous use of scenes set in the present and flashbacks keep the pace of the film intact. And acting of all the main characters Marc, Eduardo and Winklevoss twins played by Jesie Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer respectively are praiseworthy and believable. Especially Jesie as Marc clearly shows how egoistic, jealous and money minded can you be if you taste the blood of success. The script, dialogue and editing of the film are very tight and the film doesn't leave any loose end to be criticised of (But here I would admit that if the movie is released with subtitles as well, it would be better as in many a scenes, I could not understand the dialogue because of accent of the actors). Though there was no scope for cinematography experiments, in many scenes the camera work enthralls you.

Movie will draw the attention of Facebook users
 Without action and with little romance, it is very tough for any movie to catch the attention of the viewers at later stage as in films like The Social Network, only word of mouth can work. So, if you ask me whether you should go for the movie or not, I would advise you to go but don't expect any high funda hollywood antics. The film is motivational in many senses but at the same time, it leaves you with the feeling that is being the world's youngest billionaire equilvalent to being alone? You may have 500 million fans in your virtual social network, but is any one of them your real social partner? And last but not the least is creating such virtual online revolution to create wealth doing any good for the world at large? My friends, think over these questions and if you really enjoy some serious stuff, log in to THE SOCIAL NETWRORK as soon as poosible. :)
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