Monday, November 22, 2010

Spectrum Scam is a battle between RSS and Nehru family

(Writer is Delhi based journalist and IIMC alumnus)
It all began when RSS Chief’s close aide Indresh Kumar was named in Ajmer blast case. First when this was broadcast on a national news channel, RSS workers got furious and they vandalised the channel’s premises in Delhi. When, the ruling party and Left  aggressively started criticizing  ‘saffron terror’, the Sangh Parivar seriously thought of retaliating.

Ex-RSS Chief Sudarshan was very much normal and aware when he questioned Sonia Gandhi in the Indira Gandhi assassination conspiracy. It was a well planned move of Sangh Parivar to inject in the mind of people that Sonia’s integrity was doubtful. And do you remember a person called Subramaniyan Swamy?

It is the same Swamy who alleged that Sonia Gandhi has been involved in corruption and her role in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination is not beyond doubts. The same thing exactly was stated by ex-RSS Chief Sudarshan while staging a protest against ‘Saffron terror’ term used by the Home Minister. Swamy’s article can be read on this site:

Subramaniyam Swamy
Swamy is an old associate of RSS and was first time chosen an MP on a Janasangha ticket, the political outfit of RSS then. He studied and taught at Harvard University, IIT Delhi and was Central Minister during Chandrashekhar regime. Swamy has challenged the legitimacy of Jayalalitha taking oath as CM after her involvement in TANSI land scam. Subsequently she had to resign. He is also fighting a case with ECI, and has alleged that EVMs are fake and can be easily tampered with. He has won initial rounds of battle in lower courts.

It was obvious when Congress decided to target RSS in being involved with bomb blasts and terror activities, the rightwing organisation decided to take this charge head on.

It is also clear that Swamy is a known DMK basher and he has alleged that DMK along with Sonia family was instrumental in assassinating Rajiv Gandhi and that is why Sonia is so close to DMK. This story might be imaginary or false but it raises serious questions as to why Sonia Gandhi or the Government of India did not prosecute Swamy for making such serious charges against her?
It is not a secret that Swamy is doing all this on behalf of  the RSS. In coming days, the political battle is expected to escalate. The current Spectrum Scam is not only a economic fraud, however, this is a political war between RSS and Nehru family at large.

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