Thursday, February 10, 2011

Less Than Life Itself

( The writer is IIMC alumnus and Senior Associate Producer in CNBC-Awaaz.)
"Zindagi pe tera mera kisi ka na zor hai, hum sochte hain kuchh yeh saali sochti kuchh aur hai..." These lines from the songs of the film may be true for real life but at least these are true for Sudhir Mishra's new film ‘Ye Saali Zindagi’. I feel that what he initially thought to make was much different from the end product which is before us as a film. It happens very rarely that you like the acting in the film but overall the film disappoints you. YSZ is one of those films which looks promising and lively in promos but when you go to theatre, you find your expectations shattered. Sudhir Mishra is counted amongst the sensible and serious film makers whose films are not typical bollywood masala movies. But only having some good actors and let the film loose at all ends cannot make a great movie and this is the case with YSZ. No doubt, the potential of a great movie was there in the story but the narrative is not catchy enough to let you stick with your seats in theatre. 

Yeh Saali Zindagi : looks imprssive in promos
 These days it’s becoming fashionable to use cuss words and raw language in dialogue to give the film a reality touch as we have seen recently in ‘No One Killed Jessica.’ But if you find abuses in every second dialogue without any need, you don't find those saucy but they irritate you. There are some really good dialogues in the movie but I cannot buy the argument that for making a real life drama you need to have dialogues full with GAALIAN. The main protagonist of the film Irrfan loves sexy and charming club singer Chitrangada and due to this love how he makes his life complicated is the main story of the film. The film has many more characters who come across during various events occurred in the movie but the narrative becomes so complex in the beginning that you get a bit confused. Arunodaya and Aditi Rao have shown good acting skills and Saurabh Shukla is fabulous as always. Rest of the artists who are part of the film have done justice with their role and definitely can get a thumbs up for that. But due to the weak script and screenplay their efforts have been in waste, I think.

Sudhir tried to maintain the pace of the film but it seems that many a times things go out of his hands. Though never in the film, none of the characters of the film preach you about morality and ethics which brings the film near to the realities of life, but during your stay in the theatre, you hardly identify with any of the characters and this is the biggest weakness of YSZ. There are some comical moments and sometimes you think that Sudhir has tried to make a dark comedy. But when the film ends, you feel as if you have come off a roller coaster ride! (Was there a need for this, I don't know). The music as well as the background score is better than average, cinematography and editing is ok but overall the film does not leave indelible mark on your mind which you expect when you see the promos of the film on your TV sets. So, what more to say, if you miss it, believe me you are not in a loss. :)
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